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PB&J Latest Notes:

‘Fall into Dance’ is Fallen!

Because of the necessity for Physical Distancing* in the current pandemic.
Dance at Home with your family!

*Dancing is the opposite of physical distancing; we learn to work closely, safely, and joyously with our classmates and friends. Now is the time for dancing solos in the backyard or the living room! Join us for a Zoom Dance Session on Dec 3rd at 5:30pm (see above)

We look forward to dancing with YOU when the circumstances permit in the FUTURE!

 First Light Celebration November 2019   in the Sprint Store window in
Coolidge Corner, 301 Harvard St, Brookline

End O’Year Performance & Celebration

After a lovely END O’YEAR PERFORMANCE & CELEBRATION on June 2, the students of the PB&J Dance Classes for Kids, extrasmall feets dancers, and the professional dancers of Peanut Butter & Jelly Dance Company are on SUMMER BREAK !

Our programs begin again in late September. Watch your mail for the announcement of the Opening of Fall Session Registration, Company Auditions, and SF Registration.

Have a Great Summer!

Dance a little Every day!

Vacation & Guest & New Session

Precious young people lost, so many hurt.

Our prayers for a complete recovery go out to the injured and
deep sympathies to the bereaved from this week’s tragedies.

Our Spring Session of PB&J Dance Classes returns from April vacation week on Tuesday, April 23. May the beauty and innocence of children dancing diminish the horrible taste of this tragic week.