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PB&J Dance Company

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Dance Company is a company of professional dancers who perform for and do workshops for children. Their performance approach is energetic and direct, combining colorful dances, movement concepts, and lots of audience participation. Their fifty minute performances allow the audience to become involved with the dancers as they explain and explore the elements of dance movement and show finished dance works. The material presented corresponds to the Dance Standards in Basic Movement Content in the various arts standards listings. They can do workshops for teachers or students on integrating dance with curriculum, creating dances, or basic principles of dance.

Performances appropriate for large groups in a variety of settings, creatively introduce the art of Dance. Programs for elementary schools are designed to be large group assemblies. There is plenty of audience participation, however, all students do not get out of their seats. Pre-school performances are part presentation and part full-group workshop style participation. Performance options include single performances, back to back performances, and two to four performances in the same day and location. Base fees range from $600 to $900. Total fees are based on program choices, mileage to the site, and portion of the day used.

Workshops for teachers or students let everyone dance! Workshops can be designed to focus on basic principles of dance, integrating dance with curriculum, or creating dances. Material presented in performances and workshops corresponds to national and state Dance Standards in basic movement.

Residencies are packages of programming for one or more days that can include performances, workshops for children, workshops for teachers on using movement in the classroom, dancer classroom visits and company rehearsal observation. Student performances could culminate the experience. Fees for residencies vary and are determined by program choices, distance, and number of days.


Please contact our office for more information. The PB&J Dance Company is listed in the Massachusetts Cultural Council Resources Directory, the Boston School Enrichment System Catalogue, and is an approved city contractor. Through a grant application process, funding to present PB&J may be available from local cultural councils or the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


PB&J Dance Company
“Water Works”


Peanut Butter and Jelly Company

shows students dancers are athletes and artists!
Somerville Journal, March 18, 2008

Dance offers fitness and confidence building
Waltham Tribune, February 25, 2008

Thank you so much for bringing you program, “Athlete or Artist” to our school. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the production. Your presentation was very professional and energetic, and we appreciated the concept sheets you provided before the visit. In addition, I believe that the fact that you encouraged the audience to interact contributed a great deal to their enjoyment of the show, as well as the ability to focus their attention on the stage for nearly an hour (which can be a real challenge at times). To quote my own daughter, “…it was great, it was funny, it was really, really cool!”
Enrichment Program Coordinator, Hyannis East Elementary

I don’t remember when I have ever seen the entire school body (387) so captivated in a program for that length of time, on a hot day, and in a crowded space. You all really “wowed” them!
Marguerite E. Small Elementary School, West Yarmouth

The assembly and workshops were energetic, enriching and enjoyed by all! We hope to bring you back again next year.
Bridge School ACT, Lexington

We have rarely had a program here at the library
that has garnered so much high praise… It was so good to see
a program that not only was first-rate entertainment but was
educational as well.

Children’s Librarian, Fletcher Library, Westford

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed
your performance. I’ve heard nothing but good things from
the teachers and children.

Teacher, Chestnut Hill School, Brookline

Everyone from 5 to 12 would like the show as
much as I did. It was fun to watch and you will like them
too… It is GOOD! It is worth seeing.

Fourth Grade Reviews, Mozart School, Boston

Kids were very motivated/excited. They loved
the active participation! Great program.

3rd Grade Teacher, Peaslee School, Northborough

PB&J are an absolute favorite at Lesley Ellis!

It was great the way you engaged the kids in thinking
about dance and movement in new ways.

I liked wen you did boddies. And the tordis and the har.
I liked your
show vary moch. you or vary talintid. I can
tel it taces
alot of enrjy to dance.
Sarah L, Age 6

I liked the part about the play ground. Becouse She kept
messing up on jump ropeing. It probaly took a lot of time. I
liked the show. I wish we had a oncore.
Katie R, Age 6