NWD PBJ 2018

National Water Dance Day
April 14       4:00 PM

National Water Dance Day is a collective effort of dance artists and dance educators creating a simultaneous, and live-streamed, performance at individual water sites across the United States, harnessing the power of dance performance as a vehicle for social change. Dancers of all ages and movers of all kinds are participating
in more than 140 sites across the country. The goal is to inform and inspire participants and audience members to conserve and protect the water that they use and enjoy.

The PB&J Dance Company director, Jeanne Traxler, is creating an event at the Brookline Reservoir and we hope that Community Members, Water Groups, Students, Runners, and Walkers would like to participate.  PBJ, PCA, and BEEP young dance students have expressed interest in being in the ‘show’ and have started to learn the beginning of the National Shared Phrase that dancers across the country will all do at 4PM EST. This will be live-streamed on the Internet.

Jeanne is the director/teacher/choreographer of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Dance Company (adults) SMALL FEETS dance company (children 7-10), and PB&J Dance Classes for Kids (children 3-5), and the Dance Specialist for classes in the BEEP Program, and at Panda Cub Academy. This dance event will be directed and arranged by Jeanne:

At 4 PM, we will join the simulcast, and all of those involved will perform the beginning of the national movement phrase that is made up of gesture material participating groups from across the country. Then Walkers will walk around; the Runners will run around. Then audience and/or participants will go around to view smaller performances of dances created especially for the spaces around the Reservoir. Fishermen/women-if you can flycast, we have a small role for you too! I hope to involve some other community groups as well. If we can get enough folks participating, we could ring the entire reservoir at the beginning – that would be cool!

The cost to participants will be minimal, perhaps a
T shirt for a costume. No one will be denied participation for financial reasons.

This will be a delightful activity for Parents and Children and Community Members to do together. I hope you will join us!

How can you get involved? There are many roles:

❑ Every child participant needs a parent participant. (For safety reasons, we cannot have children at the Reservoir without an adult responsible only for that child.)

❑ There is a section for a walking group, where you walk around the Reservoir and sit on the benches.

❑ There is section for runners, who will run around the Reservoir.

❑ We have a few spots for any fishermen/women who can fly cast.

❑ We need some people who can film the event for the live stream. This is all done by camera phone and needs some dedicated tech-savvy folks who can work with the national group to learn how to connect.

❑ We always have room for child wranglers, ushers, etc.

❑ If you are involved with a charity that deals with water, you could have an info table. If you are a teacher, classes studying water could show some projects or read some reports.

❑ The possibilities are endless!! Think wet!

More info about rehearsals, schedule, and registration at:

Questions: Call 617-738-PNUT or email us at info@PBJDanceCo.org


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