CDF Policies, Policies, and Rules

CDF Procedures, Policies, and Rules

About Registration Policies Paperwork
If you do not submit your Registration/Application by April 1, we will assume you are not attending.

Each group will have only 8-10 minutes to tech: This happens during the workshops and dressing time. This is a very brief run through. You can coordinate with the sound tech, have your children become familiar with the entrance, exit, and performing area, and mark the floor if necessary. If you have not filled out your Sound Form and given it to the Stage Manager, that will be done during your time and you will not get extra time. We are on a very tight schedule. There is only enough time to do your dance once.

Each group will have 5-6 minutes to perform: You may not exceed the 6-minute limit. You are presenting a ‘taste’ of what your program is about. This includes costume changes and time between shorter pieces. All of your group’s dances must be performed together, we cannot split your dances between other groups. There will be no speeches before each piece. We do announce the group name and piece title. Information about the piece can be printed in the program, please include it with that form. We also ask that you not do more than two dances. It is OK to do less than 6 minutes. All groups sit in the performance studio and are called out of the audience to perform. If this is a problem for your group please let us know.

Groups are limited to 12-15 participants: As a general rule, each child should only perform once. For example, if you have two pieces and one is duet and one is a large group piece, and the duet’s dancers are in the large group piece, don’t present the duet.

Costumes and Music: The concert has a mixed-age audience of families and performers. Family friendly costuming and no explicit musical lyrics, please!!

Groups Must be accompanied by Directors: Groups must be accompanied by directors or designated chaperones who can serve as directors: know costumes, personnel, sound cues, etc. They must be able to see to the attendance, management and well-being of the group throughout the day.

Parent Chaperones: Please be sure that you have enough parents to care for your young dancers, monitor their behavior, help with costuming, etc. These chaperones cannot also be Festival Volunteers during the volunteer time. Please limit chaperones to a one-to-five ratio for children under 10, a one-to-six ratio for children 10-14, a one-to-eight ratio for children 14-18. Please make up large name tags for your group’s chaperones so that we can tell who is who.

Groups must plan to be there the whole day: It is a part of this festival to be a part of the workshops and the group bow; groups/dancers may not just come for the performances. Groups must plan to stay to the conclusion of the concert thru the final bow, even if it runs past the scheduled ending time of 6 PM. It is very disappointing and unfair to be the last group and have the audience walk out before you dance.

Children should eat before they arrive. There is no scheduled “lunch” period. Kids may eat snacks during the dressing time at 3:00 PM. It is extremely rude for children to leave workshops in order to sit in the hall and eat, which is essentially in front of the other children and the teacher. Please make this clear to parents and students.

There are no lights for the performance: There is not even on off. The room is filled with day-light.

Performance Tickets: There is no fee for tickets to the performance. We now charge a nominal tuition fee for dancer participation to fund the festival expenses. Attendance is open, limited only by available space.We cannot guarantee a chair; most of the seating is on the floor. Seating priority will be given to the elderly and disabled.

Resource Table: There will be a small Resource Table so folks attending the performance can learn more about the participating groups. If you would like, please bring 25-50 copies of materials about your group and activities.

Dropping Out: We realize that when working with children, things happen and groups cannot attend the festival. Please let us know ASAP if you are dropping out.

Failure to follow the rules of this festival may result in termination, either on the festival day or for your group for next year. If you do not submit your Registration/Application by April 1, we will assume you are not attending.